Thursday, March 3, 2011

NEVER a dull moment.

It is Thursday. I have not been to a single class this week.
Wrong. I went to one. We were chased out of class by a mob of people.

It has been a week of student protesting here. At first I thought it was all pretty cool. Lots of chanting, singing, and best of all not class. AND I had (correction: was supposed to have) a test yesterday. However, the striking has started turning violent and the protesters have started lighting car tires on fire, throwing water on school computers,  and rubber bullets are being fired at them by the S.W.O.T team. It's pretty intense, but for the most part, aside from not having class, I have been relatively unaffected by the whole event.

I never thought I would say it, but I think I'm ready for classes to start back up. I'm starting to get pretty bored during the day. What with not having a television or a working computer, I've found myself doing a WHOLE lot of reading. I finished Girl With the Dragon Tattoo after having read about half of the books 700 pages in the last two days. However, my tan is thriving! ha.

Monday night this week I went to a hole in the wall (or bar in a mall?) place called Villains where a bunch of the international students go to do karaoke. It was a lot of fun however some swing dancing turned bad, and let's just say my nose and the cement ground had a BIT of a disagreement...

Tuesday I went to a place called Musgrave and did some much needed grocery shopping. I also got my FIRST iced mocha in Africa. It was such a beautiful beautiful reunion. After that my friend Kevin invited me, Tim, Kim, Asrah, and Patty over to the apartment he's staying at, and cooked us an AMAZING dinner oh Chicken with Mango Chutney, pasta, and broccoli. It was phenomenal.

Yesterday was a very very boring day. Got lots of reading done though. I wanted to do homework, but I haven't had class in so long that there actually wasn't any to do. Last night I went to a braai which was pretty fun and then read in my friend Inga's room for a long time while she worked on a paper.

Today I didn't even bother heading to campus because I could hear the strikers up the hill. My friend Tim made me an omelet and then a bunch of us caught up on the How I Met Your Mother episodes we've missed here so far. That was also wonderful. Then I went to the pool for a while and finished my book.

I suppose that's about all for excitement here. Hope you are all staying warm back home. <3

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