Sunday, February 27, 2011

It was... an eventful week.

Well looking back on this week it has proved to be a very eventful one.

Monday was class as usual. (It has been brought to my attention I have not said enough about my classes. So here is a brief description. I am taking 2 psychology classes currently: Psychopathology and Youth, Risk and Intervention. These two classes will end after a total of 7 weeks. When those end I will start a new psychology class called African Psychology. However, over the entire semester I am taking an anthropology class called Culture, Health, and Illness. None of these classes are within my major of Public Relations and Media Studies, but I am just taking them to fill my requirements for upper-level courses outside of my major.) After class on Monday I went with Patty, Asrah and Tim to the local mall called Pavilion to try to find a new computer charger since mine broke. That adventure was to little prevail however I did find iron supplements that I have since been taking and which have subsequently decreased my nightly restless leg syndrome. Fun all around. I know.

Anyways, because I could not replace my computer charger here without spending an arm and a leg, I had to order a new one off of Amazon from the States. So although it will take forever I'm sure to get here, at least I was able to buy it at half the cost that I could here, including shipping & handling.

Tuesday I had my first test here in my Psychopathology class. I thought it went fairly well, and to reward ourselves for making it out alive Patty and I went to the beach afterwards.

Wednesday I attended my classes and then went out for a girl named Tianna's 21st birthday to this fancy restaurant relatively near by. 27 of us went for the dinner, nearly all of the international students. The restaurant had Italian food and it was magnificent.

Patty, Myself and Johanne

My Finnish friend Johanna (pronounced yo-hanna)

Birthday girl Tianna!

Thursday I again had classes and then went to a braai for dinner. I was convinced to go out afterwards to this dance club called Plush. Long story short, the night turned into an absolute disaster for everyone involved. Lots of people weren't allowed in, one girl was thrown out and had really terrible slurs said about her in the process, two people lost/ or had stolen their cell phones, and my Coach wallet was stolen off of my wrist. Although at the time it all seemed pretty terrible at least no one was hurt and I did not lose anything that could not easily be replaced. (All of my American cards and important things were in my dorm room.)

After the eventful night Patty and I decided to take Friday easy. I joined the school's swimming club. (Which does not actually meet to go swimming, it just gives me access to the pool. -This should wipe some of those momentarily confused looks off of all of your faces. :) ) Then at night we made a nice dinner with one of the Finnish exchange students Johanna and watched a movie.

Saturday morning I woke up early and went with Patty and Johanna to the beach. After that Patty and I went to a Sharks game. (Durban's professional rugby team.) We ran into a lot of people we knew at the game- surprisingly. And I went out to dinner with some of them afterwards.

Johanna and Patty at Moyo for a post-beach cocktail

Moyo. :)

Shark's stadiam

Today I spent studying for another test that I have on Wednesday. Annnndd.... that's about it.

Love you all.

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